Bring Energy as a Forward Thinking Sectors

Breakthrough innovation is our DNA and put at the very heart of our corporate strategy.

As technology venture, we are aim to continuously develop high impact and innovative technology solutions to make the energy resources more sustainable and valuable for the benefit of our better future. 

We also identifies opportunities for strategic partnership with energy industry and beyond, leading research institutions, universities and also co-innovating with other energy startups to create significant competitive advantage for our customer operations while generate sustained business growth for our company.

Our Research Portfolio Highlights

Natural Gas Technologies

Natural gas is an ideal source of reliable power yet cleaner compare to coal based power generation. It is abundant and vastly available in Indonesia to power utilities, homes and transportation.

Our key innovation in natural gas technologies includes next generation of H2S removal, CO2 removal, and dehydration unit. We are also focus on developing technology for small-scale gas utilization, such as: mobile processing unit and flared gas-to-power technology.

Our recent product in natural gas production technology –– is potentially unlocked vast new supplies of gas in Indonesia that previously were uneconomic to produce.

Advance Biofuel: Algae

We truly believe that algae can be a sustainable renewable energy sources for Indonesia.

Dupara together with various partners in Indonesia conduct research advanced research program on using algae for biofuels production. We are currently focused on how to make it available to consumers, scaled up economically, and produced it in more environmentally friendly way. This is includes our effort to combine our carbon capture technologies to increase the greater yield of algae at very affordable costs.

Ocean Power

Indonesia is a maritime country that has vast ocean. Some coastal parts in Indonesia have wave energy potential to develop for renewable energy.

Dupara currently study the most effective technology to build pumped-storage facility to use seawater for storing energy. We also are conduct study to find favorable sites that suit for the very first construction of its kind of technology in Indonesia.