NEW AK - 110

Comprehensive H2S Removal System

Protect your asset.
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Many upstream natural gas production operations generate unacceptable concentrations of H2S and commonly called as ‘sour gas’ that must be remove from their operations. Sour gas is undesirable because it create health, safety, and environmental risks. It also can be extremely corrosive which affects asset integrity.

Traditionally H2S removal is done with amine based scavenging or technology. Dupara has developed and commercialized the NEW-AK 110, a reliable yet affordable solution for effective H2S removal. This technology is characterized

by its simplicity, reliability and low cost of installation, operation and
maintenance. Likewise, the New AK-110 process is an environmentally friendly H2S removal system from sour gas streams to become marketable sweet gas streams.

NEW AK-110 can be placed just right in the well. Thanks to its compact dimensions, New AK-110 units can be easily relocated from near depleted well production to more economical gas field, applied in small gas fields or even in isolated locations.

NEW AK-110 is part of our gas processing technology line that best combined with our CR 18-CO2 removal system and NOMOIS 60-Ultimate Dehydration


New AK-110 Working Principle

NEW AK-110 design is relatively simple in design yet works to effectively remove H2S from natural gas streams trough chemical and absorption reaction.

The new AK AK-110 process begins since the gas flowed through the vessel inlet valve and then processed in a water base media inside New AK-110 contactors that contains specially formulated chemical called AK-110. H2S in natural gas will be neutralized by chemical AK-110 with an effective and very short process. The treated gas is then released through the outlet valve, resulting in sweet gas containing H2S less than 0,1 ppm or “non-detectable” levels at the outlet throughout the operational lifetime.

H2S capture process uses 2 contactors that will run alternately. The amount of chemical AK-110 contained in each contactor is designed to capture H2S for 7 days of operation. After the designated operation period, H2S capture process will be done on second contactor. This shift process is done by manual system.

Typically, saturated levels rise gradually at the end of the media's life, indicating the need of regeneration. The regeneration process is carried out by closing all the incoming gas stream and outlet gas flowing in and out of Contactor 1, and moving the entire fluid inside Contactor 1 into a mixer. Furthermore, the fluid will be mixed with chemical AK-48 which will result in a spent material that is toxic free. After the chemical AK-110 is regenerated, then the chemical AK-110 is returned to Contactor 1 with using an AODD pump system.

Fully Customized Solutions

Our system design can be customized to specific site requirements, considering fundamental variables such as inlet concentration of H2S, gas flow rates, H2S treated target, operating pressure, desired pressure drop, footprint required, end-user standard, and other geographic and regulatory specification. Our extensive industry experts give well rounded expertise to select the optimal system configuration to suit customer’s need.

Complete Support

Experts are recommended for changeouts and chemical mixing processing for media regeneration purpose. We can help you determine the best option for recycling or disposing of by-product. Spent material (by-product) management are well established and personnel are available for onsite installation, operational and maintenance support as needed.

Our qualified engineered and technicians are supported by the engineering design expert teams at our technical center and R&D facility.

  • Full installation services
  • Monitoring
  • Support for Recycling and disposal 
  • Expert maintenance and ongoing support
  • Training 
  • Laboratory Analysis
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