Scale & Corrosion Prevention

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Scale and corrosion prevention become very important, especially in mature oil wells where more formation water is being produced. Excessive problems like instrument/equipment failures, clogging and reduced oil production caused by corrosion and scale deposition can be very expensive.

Technology for removing and preventing of corrosion and scale deposition in oil production facilities are available and it is commonly done by injecting chemicals either into flowlines or via downhole injection. Another most common technique for preventing scale formation in the downhole oil well equipments is chemical squeeze treatment, however several reservoir conditions have to be considered before squeezing chemical into oil formation, especially into water sensitive reservoir as chemical squeeze treatments can sometimes bring undesirable side effects like formation damage etc.

A new special device has been developed for preventing scale and corrosion problems. INSAFE® is a new innovative scale and corrosion prevention device developed by Dupara which is proven to be very effective in preventing Calcium, Magnesium, Barium and Strontium carbonate or sulfate scale deposition starting from downhole oil well equipment up to production separator. INSAFE® also has to have capability in preventing metal from corrosion attack and gradually remove scale deposit which already formed in the inner part of equipment and pipes.

INSAFE® Working Principle

When fluids containing high inorganic salts or so called electrolyte flows through two different noble metals, a weak electric field will be formed by electric potential difference between the metals. This electric field will change the electric charges of scale molecules to become positively charges, similar electric charge will also occur on metal pipes in tubing strings and flowlines. Due to the similar electric charges the scale molecules will be pushed away from metal surface, keep it dispersed in the fluid flow until being discharged together with water at dehydration facilities. Due to similar mechanism between the scale molecules, agglomeration of scale molecules to become hard scale deposit will be prevented as the scale molecule will become loose. Amorphic modification of scale molecules will occur by this mechanism.

Common scale deposit


Scale deposit treated with INSAFE


Similar crystal modification will also occur in any type of scales, such as calcium, magnesium, barium, strontium, carbonate or sulphate scales.


Depending on fluid flow rate and installed pumping type, there are 3 types INSAFE of choice to be applied, and all types of INSAFE® devices are designed to have an effective lifetime of 1 (one) year. To get complete overall prevention of scale and corrosion, it is recommended to install INSAFE® devices downhole at the end of the string or just before pumping equipments.

Advantages On Application of INSAFE® Devices

  • Hands free protection against scale and corrosion
  • Gradually removes existing scale and rust
  • Protect and prolong equipment lifetime
  • No chemicals and no injection pumps required
  • No electricity and maintenance free
  • High flexibility and Easy installation
  • Stabilize oil production and lower operating cost

Technical Specification

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Our qualified engineers and technicians provide on-site technical support for installation, commission, repair and maintenance. They are supported by the engineering design expert teams at our technical center and R&D facility.

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