More than one year extended lifetime of ESPs without interrupted by scale problem.

Problem: Experiencing production decline every 2 months due to scale deposition in ESP and production tubing.

One field under Pertamina E&P in South Sumatra Province have numbers of wells used electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems. The ESPs increased the production rates, but the wells had a history of short ESP run times with a maximum run time of three months, compromised by the formation of calcium carbonate scale in the pumps. The scale build up reduce fluid flows, dramatically affect pressure, plus create flow blockages. In some extreme cases, pump failures occurred in a matter of weeks from replacement and start up. It results in major increase in money spent on replacing equipment. Pertamina E&P was highly motivated to extend the pump run life. 

Previous Intervention: Acidizing and scale inhibitor squeeze every 2 months.

INSAFE Application: 20 April 2016 -19 January 2018

# INSAFE Installed: Currently 14 unit, with more than 100 unit in implementation pipeline.

The result: 21 months without production interruption caused by scale problem. Enabled the operator to return the well to nearly 100% full production after it had previously been shut-in due to scale deposition. A very amorphic scale deposit pass through pipeline quickly and the existing scale deposit gradually removed. Simply, the scale is made soft without the use of chemicals or energy or maintenance. INSAFE successfully prolong the lifetime of ESPs and providing major cost efficiency for customer.