The flowline is clean, NO scale deposition, and NO production decline for MORE than one year.


Problem: Loss of production due to downtime caused by scale. Equipment shutdown almost every months

Our customers, through a special cross functioned team focused on the Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR), seek to increase production through the management of  downhole operations that focus on prevention of downtime to effectively sustain production capacity. In late October 2016,our field engineer travelled to their field to meet with the team and begin installation of an INSAFE Scale and Corrosion Prevention System in a well in a mature onshore oilfield. Originally drilled since the 1930s, the well was being upgraded and ESPs introduced to the field to sustain production capacity of the ageing field. The INSAFE system was tested in the field with the objective to enabling the customer to optimize production trough simple and non-chemical scale prevention and remediation.

Previous Intervention: Acidizing and Scale Inhibitor Squeeze

INSAFE Application: Various Implementation starting October 2016 to date. 

# INSAFE Installed: 3 Unit Installed, and 75 unit in implementation pipeline.

The result: Only in couple of hours of installation, our engineer and the operator carried out the INSAFE equipment; preparing connections, fitting the INSAFE to the tubing, and continuously testing and checking the INSAFE and connections, completing the install on October 29, 2016. The INSAFE was successfully worked  immediately. From day one of business, INSAFE fitted in the well is very performed with more than one full year of operation; and actively ensuring that customers receive significant cost reduction, and the most important is safeguard the equipment from blockage and damage which finally able to increase the oil production.