The flowline is clean, NO scale deposition, and NO production decline for MORE than one year.


Problem: Experiencing extreme scale deposition in the flowline. Equipment shutdown every 3 months.

One field under Indonesia’s Pertamina E&P located in Jambi Province, was having severe issues with calcium carbonate scale deposition in their production tubing, flow line and separation equipment. Scale deposition occurred on the equipment daily. In average, the production starting to declined in two months. Lately, Acid jobs were even performed about every one months. This resulted in a loss of production, high chemical treatment costs, and high remediation costs to remove the scale
deposition. Due to these ongoing challenges, the customer asked if Dupara could determine a suitable treatment and allowed Dupara a field test for observation. The Dupara experts test and recommend INSAFE application that would provide the long term scale deposition prevention and removal.

Previous Intervention: Acidizing and Scale Inhibitor Squeeze

INSAFE Application: Various Implementation starting April 2016 to date.  09 May - 30 Nov 2016

# INSAFE Installed: 3 Unit Installed, and 75 unit in implementation pipeline. BN - 108.

The result: Upon application of INSAFE Scale Prevention System success was observed in the test well. The flowline is clean, NO scale deposition, and NO production decline for MORE than one year. After almost one year of observation, Dupara was awarded the contract for a significant number of oil wells with a very long successful records. INSAFE not only eliminated the need for the recurring chemical treatment work but also significantly reduced the customer’s costs, longer the equipments lifetime, providing success on many sides.