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We offer emerging technologies and best practices that focused on energy conservation.


We are committed to deliver complete cutting-edge energy technology solutions that are cost-effective, to help customers operate efficiently.

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Our qualified engineers and technicians provide on-site technical support for installation, commission, repair and maintenance.

Featured Products

INSAFE® Scale and Corrosion Prevention Devices

INSAFE® is a new innovative scale and corrosion prevention device developed by Dupara which is proven to be very effective in preventing Calcium, Magnesium, Barium and Strontium carbonate or sulfate scale deposition starting from downhole oil well equipment up to production separator. INSAFE® also has to have capability in preventing metal from corrosion attack and gradually remove scale deposit which already formed in the inner part of equipment and pipes.

NEW AK-110 Comprehensive H2S Removal System

Dupara has developed and commercialized the NEW-AK 110, a reliable yet affordable solution for effective H2S removal. This technology is characterized by its simplicity, reliability and low cost of installation, operation and maintenance. Likewise, the New AK-110 process is an environmentally friendly H2S removal system from sour gas streams to become marketable sweet gas streams.

Case Studies


More than one year extended lifetime of ESPs without interrupted by scale problem

CHALLENGE. One field under Pertamina E&P in South Sumatra Province have numbers of wells used electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems. The ESPs increased the production rates, but the wells had a history of short ESP run times with a maximum run time of three months, compromised by the formation of calcium carbonate scale in the pumps. The scale build up reduce fluid flows, dramatically affect pressure, plus create flow blockages. 

In some extreme cases, pump failures occurred in a matter of weeks from replacement and start up. It results in major increase in money spent on replacing equipment. Pertamina E&P was highly motivated to extend the pump run life.

New AK-110

Household Gas Pipeline

CHALLENGE. Late in construction of the household gas pipeline network, a study from appointed consultant revealed the unfavourable small amount of very rich H2S load in gas gathering outlet. This might cause significant health, safety, and environmental risks for more than 4,000 household in the city. The project owner and contractor had not accounted for this condition in the original design.

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